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Explore nature when you tour the historic Everglades on an adventurous airboat ride. featuring native plants, alligators, birds and other species of wildlife in their natural habitat. Your airboat ride will also pass through the “River of Grass” and stop at an authentic Miccosukee hammock-style Indian Camp that’s over 100 years old.

A prime photo opportunity! Keep a camera on hand because you’ll see a man overpower a creature 7-9 feet in length with a row of teeth at least a foot long. Watch the skilled native insert his hand into the alligator’s mouth and hold the animal’s jaws open with his head. Truly amazing!

Wood Carving a popular pastime involves woodworking. You will how carving cypress or willow branches into bows, arrows, canoes, and other souvenirs are done.

Beading Miccosukee women craft detailed patterns. You will find them crafting beads into necklaces, jewelry and among other accessories.

Get up close and personal with our alligators. Most alligators grow to 7-9 feet, but some can reach as large as 12 feet or even longer. Their average lifespan is 50 years.

Have your picture taken free of charge holding a very young baby alligator. 

Come and get a heavy dose of adventure and fun as you experience The Alligator Encounter. For an additional price, have a Miccosukee Alligator Wrestler teach you how to respectfully touch and mount a large size Florida Alligator.

9:00 AM
2:00 PM

At Symphony Park
On Washington Avenue 
between Lincoln Rd. and 17th Street


whats included
  • Complimentary luxury Round trip transportation to the Miccosukee Indian Village.
  • Guided walking tour through an Original Miccosukee Indian Village.
  • Thrilling Airboat thru “River of Grass”
  • Alligator Hunting Techniques show included.
  • “Alligator Farm” with over 20 alligators.
  • Complimentary entrance to the Miccosukee History Museum.
  • Complimentary Picture holding a “Baby Alligator.”
  • Stop at an authentic Miccosukee hammock-style Indian Camp
  • Live demonstrations and displays of traditional Miccosukee arts such as: Patchwork, Beading and Wood Carving

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